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  Gebel es-Silsila
  Kawa (Gem-Aten)





Gebel es-Silsila

Gebel es-Silsila in Upper Egypt was the site of rituals involving the inundation. The narrows of the river there were the site of the only cult of the Nile god Hapi; at Gebel es-Silsila shrines were built in his honor and yearly offerings were thrown to the rising waters. The goddess of fertility and childbirth, Taweret, was also worshipped there.

New sandstone quarries were opened at Gebel es-Silsila early in the reign of Amenhotep IV to provide some of the material for his Karnak temples. The Gempaaten of Karnak is mentioned in graffiti there. There is also a large stela carved into the cliffs north of the quarries, dating from the early years of Akhenaten's reign, and mentioning a building that would later be called "The Mansion of the Ben-ben".

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