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I am no expert on ancient Near Eastern history–at best I am an "amateur" student of Egyptology. My research into the history of the Near East is but a recent side-growth of my research into the Amarna period of ancient Egypt. Hence I suspect there are not a few errors on these pages, especially where my information is "undocumented", usually meaning I found it on the Web. Because until recently I had no Internet access at home and not even a library close by, my resources are fairly limited. I have been heavily dependent on (psychologically addicted to?) Cyril Aldred's Akhenaten: King of Egypt, and much of my Near Eastern information comes from the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Since both of these are occasionally self-contradictory (especially the encyclopedia as it has so many editors) it can be difficult to paint a valid "big picture". Therefore I hope that my better-informed readers will be kind enough to write to me and correct my errors.

And if you are not yet disinclined to believe a word I say, I invite you to write to me to let me know if you like the site; and if you have any pertinent questions, I will happily and humbly attempt to answer them as frequently as my rather infrequent Internet access allows. Thanks for visiting!   meryt@geocities.com

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